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COM Service – Scales

  •     MSSQL Database
  •     Interface and Reports in Access
  •     Printing of labels

    Software cooperating with electronic scales, used to register measurements in the database. It facilitates production management, control of material consumption and the amount of obtained waste. Registration of material consumption and produced waste has been automated. The program enables automatic printing of labels with measurement value, date of measurement, name and code of goods.

    Communication with each of the scales is carried out through a serial port. Each of the scales has its own independent service in the system, which starts automatically when the system starts.  Apart from services, the application includes: management module and interface in Access program, designed for browsing database entries and generating reports. The program is written for Windows, in .Net technology and uses MS SQL Server database.

    The system was implemented in 2011 and has been successfully used by Rosti Poland sp. z o.o. to this day.

    It is possible to adjust the program to scales from other manufacturers and expand the functionality to individual needs.


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