Rozwiązania serwerowe - ikona


Without providing rapid access to data for employees it is difficult to imagine the effective functioning of a modern organization. Therefore, it is important to have an efficient server room. We offer the tailor-made server environment, whose task is to support the objectives of your business, with minimal associated costs.

We sell and supply servers, we also expand and modernize existing systems. We cooperate with leading server producers. Thanks to the fact that for nearly eight years we design, configure and deploy server environments, we can help you to:

create a server environment that will support your business processes;

minimize the costs of purchasing servers;

reduce operating costs of the server room (consumption of energy and area);

maximize data security;

We also provide licenses for specific Microsoft server products: Windows Server, Exchange, ISA Server, SQL Server, Terminal Services client access licenses (TS CALs), client access licenses (CALs). We offer all Microsoft products available on the market.


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