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PARTNER taking care of the effective IT infrastructure in the supported company

SPECIALIST adapting the software to the client’s needs

ADVISOR on the selection of computer hardware

SERVICE fast and reliable


D-Tech is an independent company with Polish capital, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective IT solutions. Since 2007 we effectively advise companies and institutions in the field of computer hardware and software, the selection of which is tailored to the needs of the specific organization. Our team is built upon the foundation of the specialists with many years of experience. Our services are provided by professionals who combine their expertise with a deep understanding of the needs of our business partners. We specialize in building efficient IT infrastructures for manufacturing and trading companies. List of our clients also include Polish Forest Districts and medical institutions.

We have built our reputation delivering solutions based on knowledge and experience, and that, combined with the speed of operation and the appropriate price level, helps us to ensure standards that large IT companies are not up to. We have the expertise and certifications ? we know all the varieties of Windows, Linux, BSD, IOS. We gain the trust of our clients through honest and effective work. Thanks to this, we get to be a long-term partner for the companies that, by introducing our solutions, are becoming more competitive in the market.


Our mission is the success of our clients. We want to be the best long-term partners in the region for institutions and medium-sized companies when it comes to the development, deployment and service support. We create efficient IT infrastructure so that our partners can become more competitive in the market.
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"BIANOR Sp. z o.o. confirms that the D-TECH company, based in Białystok, since year 2007 provides our company with effective support services in the area of IT infrastructure.
D-TECH is a recommendable partner who will carry out the complex process of deployment of a comprehensive modern infrastructure, starting from the needs analysis, through the design, implementation and deployment, as well as the support and system administration.
Professional personnel with expert IT knowledge guarantees a high level of service, and provides comprehensive IT support under the concluded contract.

Thanks to the implementation of the original CYMMES software, we improved the management of maintenance and repairs of production equipment.

I recommend the D-TECH company as a solid and reliable partner when it comes to the implementation of investment tasks and IT infrastructure support."

President Bianor Sp. z o.o., Johannes Gustaaf Evert De Haas

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"(...) The company fulfills its obligations as laid out in the agreement. Thanks to extensive knowledge and experience of the employees, the problems encountered in daily work are solved almost on the spot. Good contact via phone allows to seek advice in the periods between service visits. The cooperation proceeds smoothly. "
Forest District Manager dr. inż. Edward Komenda... more