Our clients have access to the help desk system that can be used by their employees. The application supports the incident management process, which allows our specialists to efficiently solve the reported problem. The Application runs in a web browser. Thanks to this, the installation of additional components on users’ computers is not necessary. It is possible to define permissions for specific areas and functionalities of the system. The application allows you to generate reports on the work done in a given period of time.



We are all aware of how expensive it is to maintain a skilled team that deals solely with support of internal IT systems within a company: how expensive is professional training for employees, how long it takes to complete the team and what costs you have to bear just because it seems that there is no alternative. In this situation, outsourcing all IT services may be preferable, thanks to which ... more
Is it possible to recover data from a damaged disk?
Of course. Bring the damaged hard drive to our office. Our specialists are ready to assist in this type of crisis situations.
What are the benefits of using outsourcing?
The most common and universal benefits of outsourcing include... more