Is it possible to recover data from a damaged disk?

Of course. Bring the damaged hard drive to our office. Our specialists are ready to assist in this type of crisis situations.

What are the benefits of using outsourcing?

The most common and universal benefits of outsourcing include:

– Full predictability and reduction of costs;

– The ability to focus on the key areas of the company’s activities;

– Increase of productivity, efficiency and stability;

– Fast access to high-class specialists and technological knowledge, without having to hire and train your own employees.

Thus the client saves money and receives the professional IT service provided by specialists. Thanks to this, the company’s system is in compliance with regulations, constantly updated and adapted to individual needs.

 What is the response time of our help desk department to a reported problem?

Help desk department in our company is available to client almost immediately. The response time is very short, after a preliminary analysis of the problem the technician can perform the necessary repairs within one hour via a remote connection to the client’s computer. The client is aware of the intervention, must agree to the it and can observe it. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we suggest a visit to the client’s location at a convenient date.

After signing a contract for IT service, can I have a direct contact with the IT specialist?

Yes. Client’s sense of security is the basis of our business model. After becoming our partner, the client is assigned a specific technician, with whom they stay in contact, so that calling the public helpline is not necessary.


We are all aware of how expensive it is to maintain a skilled team that deals solely with support of internal IT systems within a company: how expensive is professional training for employees, how long it takes to complete the team and what costs you have to bear just because it seems that there is no alternative. In this situation, outsourcing all IT services may be preferable, thanks to which ... more